Margaret River Gourmet Escape is set to launch in less than two weeks and it is one of Australia’s most exciting food festivals that really focuses on the passion our chefs have for local, in-season quality produce.  The awareness of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape food and wine festival within the world’s culinary circles has really raised the profile of our South West lifestyle and access to beautiful, fresh garden to basket and paddock to plate ingredients. It is quite the envy of international chefs.

For international chefs, food celebrities and food and wine writers it is the event they hope to receive an invitation for, so how exciting for us!  This year Nigella Lawson (UK), Rick Stein (UK), Dominique Crenn (USA), Ana Ros (Slovenia) and Riccardo Camanini (Italy) plus a list as long as your arm will descend on our beautiful part of the world. They will fall in love and leave envious of our pristine environment and access to low food mile produce.

As proud suppliers to the South West restaurant kitchens and Satellite Events we get insights into what goes on behind the scenes. It is menu planning and produce testing, conversations and sourcing the best in season from local farmers to kitchens.  As we hear, meet and speak to new identities in the foodie world we never lose sight of where it all starts and how it can come to be.  This celebration, this particular festival would not be what it is without the passion and insights of our local fruit and vegetable producers, live-stock farmers and local fisherman.  Yes, and some of those who have been here for generations.

As just the go between fruit and vegetable wholesale suppliers (so to speak) we understand that an exquisite tasting meal is a combination of ingredients that don’t necessarily come from the ground.  It is damn hard-work, a serious passion for creating and it is working relationships that deliver what is amazing on the plate.

So if you want to create a new experience, be inspired by the best in their fields and enjoy your local region through the eyes of the international and interstate tourists that descend on Your Margaret River Region then splash out and buy yourself a Satellite or Fringe event ticket.  Visit the Gourmet Village at Leeuwin Estate and enjoy the live demonstrations and Q&A’s, and as you eat the festival delights see if you can taste the local earthy flavours.  It is what makes the food so unique and flavoursome.  And then, while you are at it drop in to our Station Road retail store to pick up some leafy greens, in season asparagus, sweet Carnarvon peaches and mangoes, organic Albany strawberries and create your very own gourmet escape experience at home!