The demand for kombucha in the west in recent years is a reflection of benefits reaped from this age old remedy.

As a quick ready reference kombucha is a fermented drink from sweetened tea that possesses fermentation qualities from a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Hmmm, sounds delicious I know! This colony is known as SCOBY, aka ‘mother’ and has the ability to reproduce.

With a little reading it seems the Chinese have drunk kombucha tea for centuries. And the Germans and Russians began research of its health benefits due to rising cancer rates pre the Cold War. They concluded through experimentation that a kombucha called ‘tea kvass’ was a key factor in regional communities seemingly immune to the rising trend. Interesting isn’t it?

Fast forward, beyond the disruption of the Cold War to the 1990’s and kombucha drinks have become more widely used as an elixir in the west. Original kombucha concoctions made in humble kitchens transform to commercialized fermented wonders promoted to health-conscious communities and alternative health specialists. Consumers drinking kombucha swear by it and spruik a vast array of benefits.

So what are these benefits? One of its greatest abilities is to help the body to heal itself, supporting its detoxification processes. It is rich in vitamins, enzymes and bacterial acids aiding the body to remove harmful substances. High in Glucaric acid it is being related to having cancer preventing qualities. Of course this has to be noted as anecdotal without proper medical evidence but there are many testimonials and articles online if this peaks your interest.

Add to this joint care, gut health, digestion and immune boosting qualities. Regular consumption of kombucha is a simple approach to introducing a consistent detoxification process into our busy, over stimulated lives.

And lucky for us we have access to high quality, flavoursome, off the shelf selections such as locally produced rok raw organic kombucha. This product is brewed in Margaret River, is low food mile, high quality and within easy reach in our store. It has a funky locally designed Ian Mutch range of labels keeping it truly a product of Australia’s South West. They believe kombucha is the world’s original fizzy drink, and whether you believe this or not evidence suggests kombucha is definitely “bubbles with benefits”.

So why not try for yourself? Drop in-store and grab a bottle of rok classic, berry beats or ginger pop flavour today!