Affordable Organic Nutty Bruce Milk, the perfect ‘milk alternative’.

Comes in Activated Almond and Coconut & Almond, IN-STORE NOW!

We have Organic Nutty Bruce organic milks in-store now for customers who are dairy, soy or lactose intolerant and/or suffer from dairy milk allergies.  Equally you may not drink cows milk for ethical reasons or be following a vegan or ‘paleo’ diet.  Whichever it is 1 litre of Activated Almond or Coconut & Almond milk in-store at The Garden Basket is the ideal milk alternative for you.  With convenient store parking, it is an easy pick up with an affordable price tag under $6.

Nutritionally speaking almond milk has great health benefits and contains the same heart healthy fats as olive oil. It is also naturally low in kilojoules and saturated fats.  Coconut milk is low in carbs and kilojoules however it does have a higher saturated fat content than pure almond milk.

A recent  ‘almond milk review’ article by indicates that Nutty Bruce’s ‘milk alternative’ products are one of the leaders in the market.

It has no diary, no preservatives, no colours, no soy, no thickeners, no added flavours and is gluten free.  It also scored in the top three for its percentage of almond content.  Interestingly some almond milk products can have as little as 2% almonds whilst still charging high organic prices.  So it pays to be in the know.  Nutty Bruce contains 10% almond content and won hands down in price point with the 12% content products starting at around $9 continuing up to $12 per litre.

Ensuring Margaret River locals can access organic products at reasonable and affordable prices, David, our Store Manager has filled the shelves with new and exclusive organic ranges.  You will find coconut water drinks; tinned beans, lentils and soups; pasta and accompanying Arrabbiata and Napoletana pasta sauces plus tasty popcorn and chip ranges as well.  So come in and see our full fresh and off the shelf organic shopping options available in-store now.