Off the shelf local and back to school, low foods miles products in-store now!  Raw Honey 1kg tubs just $12, Cowaramup artisan bread baked daily, Capel Cheese – Cape Leeuwin Australian Cheddar 900g block and grated cheeses plus Brownes milk, cream and sour cream in the dairy fridge.

Raw Honey Product Feature – 1kg tub = $12, the best price in Margaret River

Western Australian honey straight from the hive to you ….yep that means it is raw and consistently stocked and priced at $12 for your convenience.  It also ticks our low food mileage box and is easy to pick up in 1kg tubs in-store now.  Amber Flow Apiaries is exclusively sold in town at The Garden Basket, Station Road store.

RAW HONEY – what the???

What is ‘raw honey’ and how is it determined.  Firstly ‘raw’ honey is not organic honey (which is determined by the classification that bee’s only source nectar from unsprayed flowers).  Raw honey is defined as not being heated past pasteurisation.  This means the honey is maintained at the hive temperature and not treated above 35 degrees Celsius. This is critical to keeping it ‘alive’ or rather maintaining the incredible healing qualities and nutritional enzymes that healthy and aware consumers seek in a ‘raw honey’ product.

Mass produced brands of honey by the very nature of their production plants require to heat their honey for efficient packaging and handling.  And, often use a specific kind of filtering process that unlike a ‘straining’ process, that maintains the pollen component, loses smaller particles further removing it from having a raw status.  Therefore big brand honey is at a loss to offer health benefiting-factors.

If this news is new to you, it is worth reading many articles and blogs on the health benefits of ‘honey’ and then popping in to The Garden Basket to pick up your 1kg tub. It may mean changing your shopping or honey purchasing habits however more conscious food choices lead to longer term health benefits.

Notably there have been recognised bans on honey importation internationally as some bees from particular countries have been treated with anti-biotics to help protect them from diseases.  Where this has occurred the honey has been contaminated with anti-biotics which is a health risk due to the types and grade of veterinary administered anti-biotics, yep they are not fit for human consumption.

Which to close this Raw Honey Product Feature re-iterates that buying from multi-national stores can pose underlying problems for consumers.  Being too far removed from your food source means you are liable to come up against unknown nasties plus be adding food mileage and therefore a growing carbon footprint on our environment.

As advocates of eating fresh, high quality and in season produce we also promote reducing the impact of our business on the environment through low ‘food miles’. This supports the sustainability of our local food systems.  See ya soon for your 1kg tub of WA raw honey!